Our lives today are busy and rushed. We are focused on achieving & experiencing more. This pursuit of fitting more into each day leaves little time for perhaps one of the most important things we need- our social lives. With React, we use technology to break the barriers that rushed life and distance build between us while building a great memory. With React, you will watch family & friends reacting to your text, photo or video just like you are with them the moment they see it. With React, you never miss how you made loved ones feel.


Message Locking

Want to send a text, a photo or a 30 seconds video but do not want to miss how they react to it? No worries, just lock your message. React will record every second from the moment they open your message.

Video Slicing

You have a video that is longer than 30 seconds. Or you have a 30 seconds video that you still think will be boring to let them watch it all? No worries, React will let you slice only what you want them to see.

Message Revoking

Sent a message or reacted to one but you wish it never existed? No worries, you can revoke any message at any time with a simple tap. Once revoked, it is like it has never been created.

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